Thomas Bona (bona) wrote,
Thomas Bona

Love on the rocks?

If you're the praying type, this might be the week to pray for my relationship with blistermoth

We're in the middle of our biggest test yet:

A head-to-head battle in fantasy baseball.

We actually squared off in week 1, where I eeked out a 5-4 victory (My team had 53 RBI, that was back when Richie Sexson was still hitting and Hideki Matsui wasn't writhing in pain).

But this time it's really meaningful - she's in fourth place and I'm in sixth, and only 1.5 games separate us. I don't think I've been ahead of her since week 2. I'd like to rectify that.

As a bonus, this week Roger Clemens - who I drafted and have kept on my bench all year - returns, to wreak havoc on mine enemies.

Who wants to make a wager?

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