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Goodbye Indiana

Well, I better post this now because if I wait any longer, blistermoth will break into my account and do it for me so she can then post on hers.

I will be leaving Goshen Oct. 20 to go work in Rockford at the Register Star. I start there Nov. 6 and will probably go to NYC for some of the interim.

Anyone here know anyone in Rockford? I'll be needing friends, drinking buddies or at least people to play fantasy baseball with next year.

I had a wonderful time at The Truth and at 91.1 The Globe. I'll miss both places dearly, but this is too good an opportunity to pass up.

I'll be covering transportation - the growing airport, the logistics industry (think UPS - what can brown do to me), the tollway, the rail stuff, the commuter experience, etc. It'll be a fun, defined beat with innovative and exciting editors. It's where I need to be at this stage of my career.

Plus, I'll only be a little over an hour from blistermoth. Which is nice.

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