Thomas Bona (bona) wrote,
Thomas Bona

Three musical acts you should know...

I don't like Myspace much, but I do love music, and one thing Myspace does well is its music player for musician pages.

Here are three acts I've been digging on lately that you should be too:

Lovers Electric - I'm not sure if you'd call them power pop or alt-rock or what, but they damn good. And Australian! "Honey" is probably my third favorite track of 2006.

Matt Death and the New Intellectuals - Ever hear of Havalina Rail Company? It's their frontman's new project. Never heard of HVC? Still, check this group out for a diverse mix of sounds - there's a bit of Modern Lovers in there, but there's also a lot of accordion and Old World folk in there.

Michael Knott - Long been one of my favorite artists, he fronted the bands Lifesavers Underground and the Aunt Bettys and sang on the first Cush album. Check this out, if nothing else, for his interesting cover of "The Girl From Ipanema."
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