Thomas Bona (bona) wrote,
Thomas Bona

Concert meme

Thanks, chaptal

What was the last concert you attended? Murial Anderson and Phil Keaggy

What bands have you seen in concert the most, and how many times? Bill Mallonee and/or Vigilantes of Love. Too many times to count.

Do you have any setlists? Nope.

Are there any CDs in close proximity to you? A case of 16 rescued from the trunk of blistermoth's car. More importantly, an iPod chock full of music, including the new live REM CD set.

What band are you in the mood to see live right this second? REM

Have you ever been on a tour bus? No

Have you ever partied with a band? I drank with Peter Mulvey and David Goodrich at a local bar. Does that count?

How many states/provinces have you been to concerts in? NY, PA, VA, OH, IN, IL, MI, WI, KS ... I think that's it, though I did see Pete Seeger play a song in Georgia once.

What bands did you see live the month of June? Ticklepenny Corner

What CD are you addicted to at the moment? None yet, but listening a lot to the new REM and Radiohead.

Who is one band that you used to like, but now you cant stand? Does Bon Jovi count? I still like their old stuff, but hate the new stuff.

Have you ever been on anyones guest list? Yes

Last band person that you got a picture with? Don't recall if I ever have.

Do you consider yourself a groupie? No

How old were you when you went to your first concert? 15

Who was it? Screaming Trees/Soul Asylum/Spin Doctors on the MTV "Alternative Nation" tour

Which artists haven't you seen yet that you want to see? Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Josh Ritter, Spoon.

Are you wearing a band shirt right now? No, but I have a white shirt and tie, so I sorta have the "Patti Smith on the cover of Horses" thing going on. Cept I'm a guy.

What band do you own the most merch of? REM

Do you ever do anything crazy at shows? No, except driving for hours to some shows

What are your favourite venues to go to shows at? Schuba's and Park West in Chicago, Blossom Music Center in Cleveland area, Irving Plaza in NYC

What band do you have the most performance pictures of? None.

Would you ever get a tattoo representing a band? No.

How many concerts do you average a year? 6-8

Upcoming show? Peter Mulvey in Rockford later this month.

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