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I have to go to Indiana for great beer?

It's kinda surreal to take a trip back to ol' Goshen and find one of the fringe benefits being great beer at the liquor store.

I was able to get three of my favorite beers I can't get in Rockford:

1. Brooklyn Brown Ale - Fell in love with this beer at the Grassroots Tavern in the East Village. Just a nice, rich ale with a bit of sweetness. Goes well with popcorn and Patti Smith on the jukebox.

2. Bell's Oberon Ale - Dangit, Bell's is no longer available in Chicagoland, so I can't even get it there. My favorite of theirs is probably their porter, but this beer is like summer in a glass. It's a nice light wheat beer without being too, er, wheaty. It's smoother than a lot of the other ones, and I prefer it. Consider this a shoutout to celticsuncat.

3. Mishawaka Brewing Company Four Horseman Irish Ale - The first good beer I got to taste, at a party back in college. I really love the aftertaste. Too bad the batch I bought must have been old or something, because I got an uncharacteristic sour taste. But it's normally a wonderful, wonderful beer. Can anyone recommend some other Irish reds for me?
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